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Enabling Youth for Progressive Career

National University Students' Skill Development (NUSSD) Programme, is a flagship program on skill development undertaken by Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS) in collaboration with Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports to enable graduating youths from underprivileged background to acquire employment oriented skills while pursuing their degree program.

A pan India programme which was initiated in 2013 on pilot basis is being implemented in 35 colleges of 11 universities from 9 Indian states and aims to reach 50000+ students and more colleges by 2016.

Through the employment oriented courses meticulously designed by experts from academia and industry and cutting edge training methods, the program will transform the employment scenario in rural India by imparting career-oriented skills.

Spread across three academic years, courses under NUSSD are designed in an integrated framework that imparts demand based domain specific employability skills through class room and practical training along with essential skills such as English Communication, Computer skills, Financial Literacy, Leadership and Soft Skills etc. Learnt skills under the NUSSD program will be certified by School of Vocational Education, TISS and students after the successful completion of program will be awarded certificate/diploma in soft skills management or in the specified domain in which they have undergone training. The diploma/certificate will be awarded in addition to their regular degree they are pursuing and will add value to their degree by providing additional skills as well as will inculcate a sense of involvement in community development process. The program involves college students’ engagement over three years in a multi stakeholder collaborative model bringing Universities, industry and NGOs to a single platform for knowledge exchange and relevant skill training.  

Aligned with the current workforce skill demands and job opportunities in immediate ecosystem, NUSSD program is unique in nature and can be implemented at national level in all colleges across the country.Read More


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